The Pikaia Way

We are all part of this great Pikaia 'Evolution' and Pikaia Women has been designed for women around their present-day needs. Female roles in society have drastically changed and today we're witnessing women from different cultures, denominations and socio-political landscapes participating and advancing economically.

With the latter comes a need for financial literacy, professional support and success strategies. Pikaia Women works for those of us who want to take control of our own happiness, wealth and path to success. The Pikaia Way is a forum for learning, sharing and transforming. We welcome women to share their stories of failure and success and invite you to share your findings and skills here, so that we in turn can be inspired.

Women who experience, learn and share
Women who lose, search and find
who venture, initiate and create


Some experts believe that the Pikaia fish defines the very origins of life. This animal fossil was discovered in the Burgess Shale in Canada and is closely related to the ancestors of all vertebrates, from fish and birds to mammals. The Pikaia might just be where it all began. Pikaia Women today is committed to raise financial literacy, inspire entrepreneurship and leadership in women.


I began this venture at first because I wanted to share my experiences with my personal money management issues. I learnt soon enough that few women handle their own finances and this inspired me to start a blog on financial knowhow. Pikaia Women was later set up with a commitment to financial empowerment and hence, financial literacy for women.

- Roos Dhunjibhoy Meyers